Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Return of the Rudd-bot

So poor hapless Gillard is gone, three years and two days after she took over the Prime Ministership from her dysfunctional predecessor, now spurned by the same fickle Caucus that promoted her in the first place – and smirking self-righteous Rudd is back from the dead to lead Labor again, like some Lazarus lookalike (but surely, "by this time he stinketh" – John xi, 39).

Roll on a vote of no-confidence in the House to-morrow, and an early election. Let the people decide!


SCEcclesia said...

By September, Kevin could be an XXX PM, that is, an ex-ex-ex-prime minister

Joshua said...

Apparently a hero of his (apart from himself of course) is Andrew Fisher, thrice Labor PM of Australia. Who said a souffle couldn't rise twice? who compared himself to Lazarus with a triple bypass? In politics, anything can and does happen - usually in the basest and most cynical manner... certainly I laughed aloud when Rudd told Australia last night that he has come back to power "humbly and honourably"!