Saturday, May 25, 2013

God in Three Persons

You, therefore, God the Father, by whom as Creator we live; you, Wisdom of the Father, by whom we have been made anew and taught to live wisely; you, Holy Spirit whom and in whom we love and so live happily, and are to live yet more so; you, who are Three in one Substance, the one God, from whom we are, by whom we are, in whom we are; you, from whom we departed by sinning, to whom we were made unlike, but away from whom we have not been allowed to perish; you the Beginning to whom we are returning, the Pattern we are following, the Grace by which we are reconciled: you we worship and bless! To you be glory forever! Amen.
— William of St Thierry

(A beautiful act of adoration from this Sunday's local parish bulletin. I haven't read William of St Thierry for years, but it reminds me to return to his holy words.)

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