Sunday, June 3, 2012

60. Thronjubiläum

After this morning´s Missa cantata for the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, it would have been nice to sing the Domine salvum fac Reginam, but since I´m in Cologne to do so would no doubt have seemed odd to my fellow Catholics here: they sang that German version of the Te Deum hymnified instead.  In any case, "God save the Queen... long to reign over us," and all that.

I also see that a certain transitional deacon, Hunwicke by name, will be ordained a priest of the New Testament, in full union with the Vicar of Christ, in Oxford on the 27th of June: my congratulations to him, too; no doubt he will be enjoying this day´s celebrations as a loyal subject of Her Majesty.

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