Friday, July 8, 2011

Nunc pro Tunc

Archbishop Doyle having submitted his resignation in the usual manner in anticipation of his 75th birthday, he has since then received acknowledgement of the same, and in an open letter to the Archdiocese (dated 5th July) he informs us that it has been accepted nunc pro tunc - that is, it has been accepted, but he will remain in charge until a new Archbishop is appointed and takes possession.  He anticipates that a new appointment will not occur until the new year at the earliest; time will tell.

The fact that Rome accepted his resignation letter (sent on the 18th of May) with such un-Roman alacrity is a signal, to those cognizant of romanità, that his administration of the archdiocese has not been regarded entirely favourably – though it remains to be seen how long it takes for a successor to be appointed.  Again, the relative swiftness or slowness of the process is usually held to be a subtle indication of whether or not +Adrian is esteemed at the Vatican or not; but, given the paucity of suitable candidates for the episcopacy Australia-wide, it may well take a long time in any case, as is indicated by the way Australian sees have lain vacant for upwards of a year in recent times.

In any case, I and many of my co-religionists wish His Grace God's grace upon his retirement, and pray for a Catholic successor to the See of Hobart.

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