Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Australian Anglo-Catholics' Petition for an Ordinariate

That sterling blog, The Anglo-Catholic, has just provided the full text of the petition of the Anglican Catholic Church of Australia (the local branch of the Traditional Anglican Communion) to Cardinal Levada, as Prefect of the CDF, for an Australian Personal Ordinariate under the terms of Anglicanorum cœtibus.

Leave is sought to establish an interim Governing Council, to have permission to submit the initial terna to the Holy Father of suggested persons to become the first Ordinary, and the Holy See is notified that the ACCA will hold a National Synod in Queensland in the last week of July, in order to unite, by appropriate binding decisions, all interested parties who will seek to enter full corporate communion with the Pope.

I was pleased to see the signatures of such worthies as David Robarts, the local auxiliary of Hepworth; if all proceeds as hoped, I shall very gladly be attending his Masses once all is settled.

It further gladdens the heart to read that the Church of the Torres Strait is making its own petition to the Holy See for corporate reunion.

We praise Thee, O God!

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