Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vigil Office Confusion

I have been confused regarding the Vigil Office - as I finally discovered after Lauds today: I should have said Lauds II (whose first psalm is Ps 50) rather than Lauds I as usual. While there would be no obligation to do so in any case, I read the omitted parts later. My having to read the Vulgate psalms from Tome I of the Breviary, and the rest from Tome II, is probably to blame for this stuff-up; my Breviaries are mismatched, since Tome II has the horrible neo-Ciceronian psalm version in it, which I avoid by juggling the two volumes.


Anonymous said...

You're crazy! ;-)

I don't know enough Latin to even know what kind of Psalms I have... maybe you can enlighten me.

Joshua said...

Too right, mate!

An easy way to check: look at the third verse of the first psalm (Ps 109) for tonight's 1st Vespers of SS Peter and Paul:

- if it is "VIrgam virtutis tuæ...", then you have the Vulgate Psalms, deriving from St Jerome;

- if it is "Sceptrum potentiæ tuæ...", then you have the new translation into Latin from Hebrew made by the Pontifical Biblical Institute during WWII, at the orders of Pius XII.

The latter version is criticised as being too different in style to earlier Christian Latin versions of the Psalms.

In the Neo-Vulgate, the Psalms are basically from the Vulgate, with corrections from the Pius XII Psalter wherever the Latin was too strange compared to the Hebrew.

Anonymous said...

"Virgam virtutis tuæ..." - I guess I am safe then! My Breviary was published in 1961...

Do you think it is "novo Vulgata", though?

Now, off-topic, did you see Solemn Vespers on TV? If not, try here. I prayed two sets of Vespers (one EF, one OF) as a result!

God bless,

Joshua said...

No, the neo-Vulgate only came out under JPII.

Two sets of Vespers? Now who's crazy?!

Anonymous said...

Well it's not forbidden! ;-)

After all, one could legitimately pray the normal Vespers, the Office of the Dead, and the Little Office... but it is overkill!